Design of Dedicated Web Applications, Web Servers and Client Applications with Embedded Web Browsers

Single PC
configuration example

Optional Trust 1200VA
Management UPS

Optional Oregon
WMR100 Weather Station

Optional Velleman
VM110 I/O Card



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I/O - UPS - Weather Event Monitoring with Embedded Web Server
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Your Data and/or equipment are obviously important and if you are a Private User, IT Professional, Database Manager, Internet Provider or anyone having to protect information/equipment against disaster, then our Monitoring/Emergency software will be the missing link in your configuration.

What happens in case of Temperature, Power, Wind Speed (etc.) anomalies if you only have installed your configuration without using our Monitoring/Emergency software :

You could just lose your equipment, your data and all your work, which will be bad news...

You can avoid this risk thanks to our Software :

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Indeed, our Monitoring/Emergency software will offer you the possibility to launch automatically your customized EMERGENCY PROCESS or any DEVICE that will start according to your defined thresholds.

There are many possible applications as for example :

- An Emergency Process can warn every monitored PCs about a Power Failure so that they can safely close all running applications.

- In case of environmental anomalies as superheating, the software can start an electric fan or any cooling device

- A Weather Station can be used in order to monitor temperature and humidity values in any room or in different rooms, since up to 10 sensors can be added. In this case, the software will use the temperature and humidity as environmental data but if you add the available Oregon anemometer in order to measure the wind speed, the software will use Oregon Weather Device data as real weather data. Moreover, the data are logged everytime, day by day, for later re-use.

- All monitoring and emergency functions can work simultaneously while logging all events for later re-use. All these possibilities, when assembled according to your needs, allow a full remote environmental, power and visual monitoring which includes many information, up to the wind direction or the humidity of a specific spot. The UPS can then be used to guarantee access to the weather device data, which is another way to look at our monitoring concept. In the same context, the environmental data as temperature or humidity can allow to supervise the UPS and its connected PCs.

Then, our software allows multiple configuration possibilities thanks to the cross-monitoring between the devices.

It is very difficult to imagine all possibilities which can be covered by this event monitoring software, but letís take another example : you have to monitor your own windmill producing electricity. You wish to know the weather conditions as outdoor temperature and humidity, and wind speed (thanks to an anemometer) but you also need to check if there is no superheating of the rotor or other parts of your windmill. Install any (up to 10) low-cost temperature sensor you want, all of this being connected to a PC having an Internet access. Our software will allow you to access these data remotely, it provides you with security actions to take according to your definition, and the low-cost UPS will be used in order to guarantee an uninterrupted functioning of the installation.

This example is of course totally different from another possible application, which can be the supervision of computers in a rack, acting as web servers, where anemometers are unnecessary... Though... in this last case, without kidding, you can put an anemometer in front of a fan in order to check if it is functioning. Security prevails...

Among all these possibilities, this software can also be used as a "simple" Weather Station Application...

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This software offers as well the possibility to display environment/weather average values for the different available data.

By default, the displayed average concerns the current day, but users can select another day as soon as weather data exist for this day. Users can do the same by selecting another month or even another year. Users can also define which data they want to see by selecting or not the temperature, humidity and barometry. Last but not least, users can choose to display all sensors data on the same page or only a specific one. The application also allows to look back on all averages of a specific month or the current one. The same possibility exists to display, month by month, all data of a specific year.

We at LetzKey have integrated various dialogs between our customized EMERGENCY PROCESS and our applications. For example, we have developed a Database application that updates continuously (adding records in real-time) and which includes a dialog as follows : when a Power Failure occurs, our Emergency Process starts and gives instructions to our Database application in order to terminate its update jobs and waits for another event before starting again. When Power is restored, our software waits during a user-defined delay before launching a customized RESTART PROCESS.

In our case, we have chosen to set a 3-minute delay before launching our Restart Process after a Power Failure/Restore cycle in order to make sure that the situation is back to normal. In case of superheating, our application starts 2 fans until the temperature cools down below the defined threshold...

Our software can be used for a single PC up to a cluster of PCs or multi-site configurations. All the monitored hardware can be managed locally and/or through one of the built-in dedicated Web Servers as follows :

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You can choose to use or not the different supported devices. The external USB Input/Output card (Velleman VM110) allows to add Emergency and Restart switches to start manually the different supported software processes as explained above. It can also be used to start/stop an alarm and/or all external devices you need to maintain and monitor your configuration. The interface between the I/O card and the external devices can be done by using relays...

All these functions can be supervised remotely through the Internet. Indeed, our software integrates a dedicated Web Server function which can be used locally or remotely on the Internet as long as this Web Server has got a published IP address as the one you can see here.