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Very Large Database Project

In this large-scale project, LetzKey has conceived a series of client-server functions associated with "robot" applications, all of them connected to a very important database potentially containing several billions of records.

The database design was made entirely from scratch without using any single third-party technology or already existing library. The schedule of conditions concerning this database required to be able to store up to several tera records (billions), each record having to be indexed more than 10 times in the average. The database had to tolerate to be split among several hard disks, and it had to be portable towards other platforms. Moreover, the update and the inclusion of new records had to happen in real time, alongside the database consultation. Finally, the access delay to a record had to be as short as possible.

The database structure allows to install it on up to 10,000 PCs without any specific hardware, each hard disk being able to store up to 4 tera records. This database is then potentially gigantic and without any size limit, since the number of PCs may still increase.

The resulting design matches exactly the schedule of conditions. For example, the access delay to the Database from a front-end PC on the Internet via a 100 MB network is only 10 milliseconds per record. However, we have noticed in our test laboratory that records in our Database can be accessed in delays as short as 1 millisecond when the Database is hosted on a single PC with one or several hard disks, each of them allowing up to 4 Tera records.

Our in-house Database structure allows us to provide for example a single PC with 4 hard disks (1 Terabyte each) hosting 16 Tera records of 250 Bytes maximum per record. In this case, the access delay to one record will be around 1 millisecond depending on the access load.

Our Database structure can be adapted to all kinds of record sizes and structures. Delays will always remain as short as explained in total independence from record lengths and number. The delays are directly and ONLY influenced by the available hardware configuration.

At this time, this development is used daily by Language Dynamics. Of course, we are ready to design other Database and Robot projects according to your specific requirements.

To illustrate these explanations, we and Language Dynamics invite you to freely access the WinDi Translation Search Engine (running LetzKey Database) :


Translation Search Engine

Access to WinDi Translation Search Engine


Very Large DataBase and Web Applications designed in 2006/2007/2008 for Language Dynamics


In addition to this database, a series of totally automatic robot programs were designed and optimized in order to be the most performing possible.

The purpose of this project was to allow linguists to choose a vocabulary inside a grammatical structure (for example : subject verb complement) and to submit the whole job to the robots being part of this configuration, thus allowing them to generate autonomously all the possible sentences using the chosen vocabulary, along with their translations in 7 languages. Each resulting sentence is then added in real time into the database described above. Each added sentence is then immediately available thanks to the indexes created by the front-end servers connected to the Internet and reachable by the Internauts.

This project represents about 20 complete programs and interconnected modules. LetzKey has designed this whole ambitious project from scratch . This development was a difficult challenge, but it turned out as a complete technological success.

LetzKey thus had the opportunity, within the framework of this project, to use all their telecom and data exchange skills, but also acquired experience in the field of "supercomputing" or PC-Clusters.

The WinDi Search Engine (and its huge database) is protected

by the LetzKey UPS Event Monitoring Software

Here follow some screenshots of this large-scale project :

     WinDi Translation Search Engine    
Database Front-End

    WinDi Sentence Library Batch Process    
Translation Robot

    WinDi Sentence Library     
Database consultation + Matching Retrieval

     WinDi Sentence Library Batch Process    
Vocabulary selection

    WinDi Sentence Library Batch Process    
Just before job launching

    WinDi Sentence Library     
Job results

     WinDi Sentence Library    
Sentence definition

    WinDi Translation Search Engine    
Results of a Search Engine query

    WinDi Sentence Library     
Obtained translations